This page will give you an overview of the changes and innovations in the app - the latest additions are at the beginning of the list:

May 2021

Android Recent update

We have improved the logic of the Recent tracking section again - please find more details here.

March 2021

Improved barcode scanner with additional functionality

We have improved the overall performance of the scanner both on iOS and Android:
- faster scanning
- option to switch the flash on/off in the scanner window
- if the scanner is unable to recognize a code you can now manually enter the code! That mean that missing light, wrong camera focus or an incomplete barcode is no longer a problem > you can now manually enter the code in numbers
- as requested by many the barcode beeping sound is now history :)

Easier contact option in order to get in touch with support directly through the app

The quickest and best way to get in touch with support is to contact us directly through the app - in that case we immediately get all necessary information about the app version you are using etc.

The following link will now bring you directly to the contact section of the app: - no more unnecessary clicking through the settings required.

December 2020

New independent Apple watch app

The new watch app let's you freely track water and is now also working without having to use the phone app at the same time. Please find more details here.

New tracking view for iOS and Android

We have revamped the tracking view in order to make this area more intuitive, functional and clear. Check out the new face of Android and iOS!

Revamping of the Android Diary

Check out the new looks of the Android Diary - we have revamped the meal cards and added a more intuitive design.

September 2020

New iOS Widget

We have just unveiled a new widget for the Apple iOS 14 launch, becoming the first digital health app to create and launch a health widget for the iPhone. The Lifesum widget allows you to easily see your daily health progress, allowing you to track your goals and daily nutrients without going into the app.

Please see more details here in this FAQ article.

August 2020

Streaks (iOS + Android)

A streak is a number of days in a row (without exception) you have tracked food in the app. A streak starts at 0 and increases by 1 for each day you track. Please find more information here: iOS / Android

August 2020 (iOS + Android)

Share meal

You are now able to share your meals with friends, your family, etc either via social media or SMS. Please find more details here: iOS / Android

May 2020 (Android)

Advanced water settings

You have now far more options to customise glass and bottle sizes for water tracking. Please find more options here.

January 2020 (iOS + Android)

New Year, Meal Plans!

Say welcome to the Sugar Detox and Paleo Meal Plans in the app!

October 2019 (iOS + Android)

New Meal Plan

We are happy to present our new Meal Plan: Eat like Denice