In order to be able to use the new iOS widget:
- have Lifesum downloaded on the phone and have opened it at least once
- please update your phone to iOS 14
- please update the Lifesum app to version 11.0.0
The widget is currently available in 3 different sizes: small, medium, and large.
You can either choose only one of the available sizes and add it or also add different sizes simultaneously. The difference between the different available options is the amount of information displayed.
In order to add the widget gallery, please go into jiggle mode and then click on the "+" top left in order to get to the widget gallery. There you will have the option to search for the required widget and then add it. (The widget's language in the gallery is based on what language you have chosen in the already installed Lifesum phone app - the title above is based on the phone language).
The widget is mirroring the unit system and language chosen in the Lifesum phone app as well as showing the calorie goal in the Life Circle based on if you have excluded exercise calories in the app or not. Dark Mode is available for the widget.
Depending on what part of the widget you click, you will be forwarded via a deep link to the respective area in the phone app:
- click on the Lifes Circle > forwarded to the Diary
- click on the water icon > forwarded to the water tracker in the phone app
The data between the widget and the phone app will be synchronized as soon as you open the diary of the app, track food, or water in the app.
The widget is available for free and Premium users.
Please also see this video for more information:
The Widget data sync gets triggered whenever the user tracks food, water, change the water goal or once every hour.