When you are using Lifesum for the first time you will start on the "Classic Dieting" diet (Standard). But the Premium membership offers far more Diet and Meal Plan options to reach your goal.

There's a Diet and/or Meal Plan for every need!

In order to change from the Standard setting to any other Diet or Meal Plan, please proceed as follows:

On the tab bar at the bottom of the app, you see an icon showing a notepad with a tick called "PLANS". Clicking on it you will show you all available Diet / Meal Plan options for your goal (lose weight, maintain weight, gain weight) and you should either be able to change from one Diet / Meal Plan to another or to edit settings in a Diet / Meal Plan you're already using by clicking on the Diet / Meal Plan in question.

Please note: there are different Diets and Meal Plans offered per goal.

In order to help our users make informed decisions and feel healthier every single day, Lifesum is now offering a varied collection of Diets / Meal Plans. Each Diet / Meal Plan helps you achieve your specific healthy lifestyle goal beyond counting calories. All Diets / Meal Plans come with feedback to celebrate your wins and help you get back on the right track when you make mistakes, along with recipes to inspire healthier cooking.

You can currently choose between the following Diets and Meal Plans:


Paleo (MEAL PLAN) (NEW!)
Sugar Detox (MEAL PLAN) (NEW!)
Eat like Denice (MEAL PLAN)
Vegan For A Week (MEAL PLAN)
Ketogenic Burn (MEAL PLAN)
6:1 (DIET)
5:2 (DIET)


Eat like Denice (MEAL PLAN)
Ketogenic Maintain (MEAL PLAN)
6:1 (DIET)
5:2 (DIET)


Eat like Denice (MEAL PLAN)

Additional features in the PLANS tab:

There are certain options that you can add additionally to the actual Diet:

- DNA tests in collaboration with Dynamic Code (not available for all countries yet)
- Movesum / Step Counter (shows for all goals) (only on iOS)

Each Diet / Meal Plan offers you a description with the most important details, highlights and recipe suggestions.

In case you're not sure which Diet / Meal Plan to choose, we recommend that you take the Lifesum Diet Test. You find the test in the PLANS tab at the top under "Find your plan".