Eat Like Denice is a Meal Plan with 17 tasty recipes that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced diet. It works as a guide and a digital shopping list for the whole week (7 days).
I can’t see the Eat Like Denice Meal Plan, what can I do to find it?
  1. The "Eat like Denice" Meal Plan is only accessible for Premium users.

  2. Please make sure to follow the required settings concerning food preferences and allergies.

    Find settings:

    Tap into Progress -> Profile -> Dietary needs & Preferences.

    Make sure that neither allergies nor food preferences are activated.

    The Meal Plan includes recipes that may not be compatible with food preferences like vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian. Note that it does not adapt to food allergies like gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs, shellfish etc.. Please bear this in mind before you start this Meal Plan.

  3. Please make sure that you have either Swedish or English as your in-app language.
Suggestion of foods to add to the plan for users with a higher energy requirement than what the plan contains:
Recipes in this plan include around 2000 - 2100 kcal in total for the whole day. If your energy requirements exceeds this, please feel free to add the following:
Eggs, fruit, berries, rice, rye bread/ crisp bread, pasta, nuts, avocado, rise crackers, cottage cheese, yogurt, chicken, smoked salmon.
What does 'meal planner' in the program mean?
This is the view where you are able to plan your meals for the coming days.
What does 'shopping list' in the app mean?
The shopping lists provide the items and ingredients included in each and every meal of the Meal Plan. If you add more days, more items will be added, and vice versa. A red dot indicates that new items have been added. (Android)
The shopping lists provide the items and ingredients included in each and every meal of the Meal Plan. If you add more days, more items will be added, and vice versa. (iOS)
In the shopping list I see e.g. multiple bananas and other ingredients, is it okay to buy just the same kind?
Yes, absolutely. Currently we can only handle the shopping list by adding the ingredients independently from their shape/preparation form. If you, for instance, see cucumber in pieces, grated and peeled just buy a cucumber and then prepare it according to the instructions in the recipe later on.
In the recipes I see some ingredients that are hard to find where I live, can I change into something similar?
Yes, absolutely. Please check out this list for possible alternatives:
Semi skimmed milk
Unsweetened almond/oat/quinoa/coconut milk
Blueberries/strawberries/raspberries raw
Blueberries/strawberries/raspberries frozen
Fruit (e.g banana, apple)
Fruit (e.g pear, plum, exotic fruit)
Potato, sweet potato
Beet roots, carrots
Creme fraiche light/light cooking cream
Turkish yogurt/greek yogurt
Chicken/salmon/red meat
Low fat yogurt
Unsweetened soygurt
Either shellfish OR chicken, tofu, poultry, quo
Soba noodles         
 Shirataki, glass or rice noodles
I can't see my vegetable / meat trackers any longer, why is that?
The trackers are not activated during a Meal Plan, it will return back to original settings once the Meal Plan is finished.
When I completed the Eat like Denice Meal Plan I end up in the Plans tab, and everything is back to my regular settings, why is that?
As soon as you have finished this Meal Plan you will see a pop-up asking you to choose a new plan from the Plans tab in the app.  
Is it safe to follow 'Eat like Denice' more than 7 days and restart the Meal Plan after it has ended?
Yes, it is. You can follow our Meal Plans for more than 7 days. However, one should always strive to eat varied, especially when the goal is to lose weight and the energy intake displayed in the chosen plan is lower than usual. If you continue longer than 7 days you can add side dishes, e.g., salad (tomato, cucumber, lettuce, bell pepper) to make sure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need. You can add those side dishes by tracking them directly in the Diary.
Can I restart the Meal Plan?
Yes. You can restart the Meal Plan in settings (top right) or in the DIETS tab and activating it once again. You will then see the button "Restart Plan" (iOS).
How can I deactivate the Meal Plan if I do not want to complete it?
Please go to the DIETS tab in the app and choose another Diet or Meal Plan.
Why is there no "cheat meal" available for this plan?
There are no cheat meals in this Meal Plan as it is intended to work as inspiration. If you feel like you want to eat something that is not included in the Meal Plan, please feel free to track it as usual in the Diary.
I happened to press ‘Eat this every day’ but now I regret it, how can I undo that?
You have to manually tap into each day, and meal, where you want to eat something else, in order to change it.

When I swap between meals in the meal planner the macronutrient intake for the day appears to be higher than what I’ve been recommended, why?

The meal plans are formed by general recommendations, so they are not customized to your specific goals. What you can do is to see the goals for each of the macronutrients more as guidelines. It’s difficult to nail each macronutrient goal every day and not something you shall strive for. Aim instead to get close to the goals for both calories and macronutrients. You will reach balanced eating this way.

Tips on how to increase the energy amount in the prepared meals:
Eggs, fruit, berries, rice, rye bread/crisp bread, pasta, nuts, avocado, rise crackers, cottage cheese, yogurt, chicken, smoked salmon.
This Meal Plan is based on our "maintain weight diets" we have in our app. To read more, click HERE
This plan is based on the Clean eating diet we have in app. To read more about the recommendation and health benefits, read HERE