The Lifesum app for Android Watches allows you to control a number of functions on your wrist by showing you the current stats and various options related to them.

How do I log in? 

You will get to choose betwen the standard login method or to login with Google. Choose the same login method as the one you have for the app on your mobile device in order to access the same account. 


What are the features?

There are three different screens you can swipe in between. 

The main screen:
Showing a quick overview of how many calories you have left to reach you daily goal and allows you to add a quick simplified entries to the Diary: 

How do I enter a food item? 

  1. Press the plus sign on the screen displayed above in order to start a new entry to your Diary. 

  2. Select which meal you would like to add to. 


  3. For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner you get to choose the size of the meal. 

    The different sizes is a set percentage of your daily recommended intake

    For Breakfast they are:

    15% for Small, 25% for Medium and 35% for Large.

    For Lunch and Dinner they are: 

    20% for Small, 30% for Medium and 40% for Large.  

  4.  For Snack you get to choose what type of snack you ate, where each category adds a set amount of calories.

    Here is a list of all the options and how many calories they represents: 

    FRUITS = 85 kcal

    VEGETABLES = 75 kcal

    SWEETS = 300 kcal

    SALTY = 350 kcal

    DRINKS = 110 kcal

    DAIRY = 150 kcal

    MEAT = 150 kcal

The second screen: 
  • Allows you to quickly add water to your daily water goal.

Press the plus in order to add one glass of water. 

The third screen:
  • Gives you a quick and glanceable overview of your active time today.