Yes it is! We understand the integration of Fitbit to Lifesum isn't always working like a well-oiled machine. While the product team and development team try to fix it, there is a workaround that we would like to suggest - to connect Fitbit to Google Fit.

We know there is no possible direct integration between Google Fit and Fitbit, but the import can be done via the app Health Sync. This app works as a transformer between Fitbit and Google Fit. After this, you can connect Lifesum to Google Fit and then import the data from Fitbit.

Just follow the instructions when downloading the Health Sync app. The Health Sync app has a 1-week trial, and then you will be billed 32 kr/$3.26 for an auto-renewable subscription or 8 kr/$ 0.81 every six months.

1. Download the Google Fit application from the Play store.

2. Download the app Health Sync from the Play store. You will be able to choose what data you want synced and to which app.

3. Connect Lifesum to Google Fit in the Lifesum app, make sure to turn on the toggle switches so that all the data you want is synced.

4. If your activity data doesn’t appear in the Lifesum app, go to the "Me" tab in the menu, then go to settings (the cogwheel in the top corner), scroll down to "automatic tracking," and tap on the "sync" button.