One heavily requested thing in our app is to have an integration between Garmin and Lifesum. Meanwhile the product team and developers will work on adding the ability directly in the app, there is a workaround that we would like to suggest. Which is to connect Garmin to Lifesum via Google Fit/Health Connect. 


We know, there is no possible direct integration between Google Fit/Health Connect and Garmin, but the import can be done via the app called Health Sync (this is not an official partner app). This app works as a transformer between Garmin and Google Fit/Health Connect. After this you can connect Lifesum to Google Fit/Health Connect and by that import the data from Garmin.

Just follow the instructions when downloading the Health Sync app. The Health Sync app has a 1-week trial, after this you have to pay 32 SEK/3.26USD  for a never ending subscription or 8 SEK/0.81USD every 6th month.


  1. Download Google Fit or Health Connect from Play Store. 
  2. Download the app Health Sync from play store. Follow the instruction on which app that shall be the source to sync from, also which app/apps to be the source to import to. (this screenshot is just an example on how it may look like, tap on the green arrow to update settings)
  3. Connect Lifesum to Google Fit/Health Connect in the Lifesum app and make sure to thick in all relevant data you want to import from the Google Fit/Health Connect app.
  4. When the Garmin Connect app is connected via Health Sync there is no way to force a manual sync, it will happen by itself as soon as you open the Health Sync app.
  5. To get the data imported to the Lifesum app you may need to force sync it. Tap into “the Progress tab ”, “settings” (the cogwheel in the top corner), scroll down to “automatic tracking” and tap on the “sync” button.

Note! Please also add a vote in Uservoice to give us a better idea on how requested a direct integration with Garmin is. We are collecting all user requests and ideas directly here on Uservoice.