What do I get with the Lifesum trial?

The trial is our carefree way of allowing you to test the complete Lifesum experience. 

When redeeming the trial, we will give you 7 days of full access to Lifesum so you can kickstart your health journey with us! 

Make sure you try out our delicious recipes, features like e.g. our habit trackers, Favorites where you can create your own recipes and meals, Meal Plans, access to content from our nutrition experts, and much more!

What are the conditions for the trial? 

As soon as you redeem the trial you will start a free subscription powered by Google Play. Unless you cancel the trial before the next billing date/expiration date, the subscription will automatically renew into a paid subscription.
You can cancel the trial at any time in Google Play before the expiration date.

How do I cancel the trial?

Your trial is handled via Google Play. In order to cancel the trial, you need to manage your subscriptions in Google Play. You can cancel the trial at any time before the next expiration date. 

Subscription following the trial?

In accordance with the Terms & Conditions, your trial will automatically convert to a paid subscription after the trial expires. The amount for the paid subscription will be deducted in one transaction and will be handled via Google Play. Directly after redeeming your trial, you will be notified of the next billing date, which is the date when a paid subscription will be deducted, unless you cancel your trial before this date. If you are unsure of when your trial will expire, go to Profile → Settings → Account type to see when the next billing will happen. 

Is there a difference between trial and subscription?

There is no difference in terms of available features and content between a trial and subscription. The only difference is that the trial is free, whereas the subscription is a period-based paid subscription. The purpose of the trial is for users to enjoy the full Lifesum experience without feeling constrained by purchasing. Give it a try!

I forgot to cancel the trial and now a subscription has started

If you didn’t cancel your trial your subscription will auto-renew as per the terms and conditions. If you do not wish to continue with Lifesum after the trial expires you have to cancel within 7 days from activating the trial. Should you not cancel, you will be charged for a full subscription period as per Lifesum's Terms & Conditions available here

If you do not wish to continue your subscription, you have 14 days (from the date you receive the confirmation of your subscription via email) to withdraw from the contract with Lifesum. If you consent to have access to the Lifesum services during the withdrawal period, you no longer have the right to withdrawal.

Should you wish to proceed with your refund request, then please follow these instructions by Google https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2479637#apps.  

Important: Just canceling a subscription does not automatically result in a refund, it only avoids a renewal - please proceed as described in the link above within 14 days in order to receive a refund.