Unfortunately, Lifesum does not offer any individual nutritional advice for pregnant women. 
When pregnant, there are a lot of things happening in your body. First of all: there is a baby growing inside of you, but you are also increasing the amount of blood and tissue in your body which leads to a natural weight gain.
The amount of increased weight during pregnancy is highly individual and varies depending on things such as starting weight, body composition, and lifestyle. It is not recommended to try to lose weight during pregnancy, as it can have negative consequences for your baby. But as in all stages in life, a healthy varied, and balanced diet is recommended.
When pregnant, your energy requirement is increasing depending on how far into the pregnancy you are. In the earlier stages of pregnancy, you require less extra energy than in the later stages. How much extra energy you need is highly individual, always consult with your doctor how much energy you need to eat for optimal pregnancy and wellbeing.  
When pregnant, there are some nutrients that are of extra importance - both for your wellbeing and also for the growth and development of the baby. These nutrients include folate, omega-3, vitamin-D, calcium, iron, iodine, and protein. It is also highly important to stay hydrated during pregnancy, as your body requires more fluid. Sometimes you need to include dietary supplements in your diet - always consult your healthcare provider before doing so. 
These nutrients are found in:
Folate: leafy greens, yogurt, beans and lentils
Vitamin-D: salmon, eggs, fortified dairy products
Iron: lentils, tofu, poultry, seeds, meats
Iodine: fish, shellfish, dairy products and eggs
Calcium: yogurt, milk, leafy greens and fortified plant-based milk products
Protein: tofu, beans, lentils, fish, poultry, meat
There are also food and drinks to exclude from your diet when pregnant. These include alcohol, an excessive caffeine intake, fish with high levels of mercury and food that could contain germs such as unpasteurized dairy products. 
You can still use Lifesum to track your food and make sure you are in line with your energy requirement when pregnant, if doing so - always make sure to adjust your daily calorie goal to what your doctor ordinates. Do this by: Settings → Personal details → Calories/day. 
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