The reason why you are unable to save a food item is very likely to be that the sums for your macros e.g fat, carbs, etc. are incorrect and do not sum up.

Please make sure that the values add up to the total sum of each macro.

So e.g. if the total sum for fat is 6 g - then you have to make sure that saturated+ unsaturated fat sums up to 6 g. That means that it should e.g. look like this:

Fat = 6 g
Unsaturated fat = 4 g
Saturated fat = 2 g

Or in the case of carbs: fiber + sugars have to sum up to the carbs.

Carbs = 8 g
Fiber = 5,1 g
Sugars = 2,9 g

Please note:
in some cases the information on the product itself can be wrong - in such a case make sure that the values in our app sum up despite what is shown on the packaging itself.


We have understood that this new logic has created some issues and are currently working on a solution that will let you save these kind of items to your Favorites again (while hiding it for other users in the database). We hope to be able to launch the fix soon!

A temporary solution is to track this food with the simple tracking feature you find in the tracking section under the three small dots top right.

Thank you for your patience!