Currently, you have four options with recipe content in the app:

1. You can create your own recipes under Progress -> Favorites -> Recipes.

2. As a Premium user you can browse Lifesum recipes in the Recipes section in the bottom bar of the app.
3. As a Premium user you have access to recipes in the meal plans.
4. You find many additional recipes on our Blog.

In order to find/search recipes you can currently proceed as follows:

Own recipes:

You can either just scroll through the existing list or use the option to put the recipes in an alphabetical order by using the option provided

Lifesum recipes:
  • you can search the recipes by entering key words in the search field on top of the recipe section (the search will browse recipe titles and tags)
  • you can filter the recipes by using the hashtags provided in that section
  • you find recipes as soon as you activate a meal plan

On top of that we are regularly posting recipe ideas on our Facebook page and Instagram.
Note that the recipes showing under the recipe tab in the app is based on which Meal/Diet Plan you are following at the moment.