Welcome to the new, revamped tracking view - you will be able to experience it as soon as you download version 12.0.0

How to start tracking

In order to track your food you have two options to start the process of tracking food to a specific meal:

- Click on the "+" at the bottom of the Diary, then choose the meal you would like to track

- Click on the "+" in the meal section
(Note: this works when the meal is still empty AND when you have already tracked food for a meal)

As soon as you have chosen the meal to track for, you come to the next screen (for a new user that screen is still empty, a user who had already tracked earlier will see the tracking history):

A new user who has not tracked anything yet will see the following:

A user who has already tracked earlier will see the tracking history for both Recent and Favorites:


Search bar: type a name for food you are searching for - the search results will show you matches from the food database as well as - and this is new - matches from your Favorites (items you have created yourself under Favorites - than can be food items, meals, recipes)

Barcode scanner: to scan a barcode of a product, please tap on the barcode icon

You have tracked: this is a list of the items you have tracked for the meal in question - you will always see only two items listed in the preview but as soon as you click on Show all: the whole list will be visible (and can be hidden again).

All of the above mentioned are both visible for the Recent and the Favorites section.

Recent: this section to the left shows your tracking history, enabling you to easily re-track an item you have recently added to a meal by clicking on the "+" to the right

Favorites: here you find items you originally created under Favorites and have tracked before in historical order - in order to track it again, please click on the "+" to the right

Same as yesterday: this section is convenient when you would like to track the same food as before - you find it for all meals listed in your diary and can track by clicking on the "+" to the right

Three dots top right hand: here you find a submenu offering you to choose from even more practical features - as soon as you tap here, you find the following options:

The first screen shows a user with iOS13 and older, the second a user that has installed an iOS that is newer:


Add calories: this is where you can quick-track simple calories if you are missing additional nutritional information

Create food: here, you can create any food item of your choice including kcal, macros and micros

Create meal: here, you can create any meal of your choice by searching for food items and then creating a meal based on them

Create recipe: here, you can create your own recipes with steps and ingredients

-> All verified food items are marked with a small blue badge - that means that they are part of official food databases.

-> All items from Favorites are marked with a little red heart.