At Lifesum, we have the mission and aspiration to enhance lives through the promotion of healthy eating habits. We’re here to assist you on your journey toward a healthier and happier life by offering valuable insights into nutrition and education.

Our product is carefully designed to cater to your unique nutritional needs, empowering you to cultivate sustainable and health-conscious habits that align seamlessly with your lifestyle and personal preferences.


The app is using an algorithm for calculating the BMI on the basis of kg/m2 (body weight in kg divided by body height in meter square).

 You might encounter the following messages when trying to set your current weight, or when you add / change your weight-related goal. Please find more details below:

  • Weight not supported

  • Number is not supported. Please try a different goal.

  • Goal weight too low. Please change your goal. 

  • Goal weight too high. Please change your goal. 

  • A word of caution

These exist in order to prevent an unsafe usage of our product. If you get one of these and wish to learn more or get further assistance, please contact support either through the chat function in the app or via this Support Link for further details. Thank you!