Generally, you can add exercises like this to your Diary:
1) Use a partner app for automatic tracking (Runkeeper, Fitbit, Samsung Health, Google Fit, Withings (weight) or Health Connect)
2) Track exercises using the standard exercises list in the app
3) Track exercise using self-created training under Favorites
4) Track custom burned calories manually entered
Please follow these instructions:
1) Use a partner app for Automatic Tracking (Runkeeper, Fitbit, Samsung Health, Google Fit, Withings(weight) or Health Connect)
Please go the Diary , click on the Progress tab on the bottom tab bar in your Diary and then on the next page on the gear symbol right hand in the upper section of the page.  Then click on Automatic Tracking and choose the partner you would like to connect to by clicking the button. Then follow the instructions.
2) Track exercises using the standard training list in the app
Go to your Diary and click on "+" bottom right.  On the next page click on Exercise and then on the menu point Exercises. Then scroll through the list and track by either longpressing for a second and then click Add to Diary or click on the exercise (and change the time if required) and then click on the green tick to the right.
3) Track exercise using self-created trainings under Favorites
Please go to the Progress tab at the bottom tab bar and then on the next page on Favorites. Then choose by clicking on the exercise item in question. Track by clicking into the item and then click on the green tick to the right.
4) Track custom calories manually entered
Go to your Diary and click on "+" and then choose Exercise. On the next page click on Simple Calories. Add a title and the calories and add it to the Diary by clicking on Save.