We are currently using six official food databases: 
- one with information provided by USDA
- one with information from MyNetDiary
- one by the UK Food Standards Agency 
- one with the data from the German "Bundeslebensmittelschlüssel"
- one by Livsmedelverket from Sweden
- one that is created by our users 

The user created database may therefore contain a variety of the same items or the incorrect nutrition values. But it is now possible for all Premium users to edit these user-created items. 

If you should find verified food that has an incorrect name or wrong nutritional information, you can report it to us in the app following these steps:

When you're in detailed view of a food item, please scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see the Report button. Tap on it and choose one of the five options available and click on Next to come to the next page where you can enter details. Please make sure to specify here the correct info whenever possible. Then send the error report by clicking on Submit.

We are, of course, also regularly scanning all food items and cleaning the database.