What are streaks?
A streak is the number of days in a row (without exception) you have tracked food in the app. A streak starts at 0 and increases by 1 for each day you track.
Please note: it has to be food to contribute to that streak - not water, not exercise
Why are streaks important for you?
Tracking streaks help you achieve your goals by tracking your daily progress and encouraging you to stick with it for longer and longer streaks.
Where can I find the option for streaks in the app?
Please go to the section Progress in the app. In the upper section you find the Streaks:
The left column shows you the number of days you have been tracking food in a row for X days.
The right column dispays your longest streak ever made in the app.
Right hand of the title you find a little green info icon - clicking on it will give you more details:
Additionally you can see in your calendar which days you have been tracking food actively: those days are marked green.
The feature was launched during August 2020 - data will only be considered for streaks from that point of time, not before.