We currently have five sources that create our complete food database:
  • USDA (US)
  • MyNetDiary
  • UK Food Standards Agency (UK)
  • Bundeslebensmittelschlüssel (Germany)
  • Livsmedelverket (Sweden)
  • Food created by our users

    Verified foods from these databases are marked with a small blue badge so you can distinguish them from the user-created food items.

Food items can vary slightly depending which database they come from but that will not have any impact on your tracking/result.

The user created food database may contain a varieties of a same item, or incorrect nutrition values.

Please note: Premium users can edit user created food items and correct and add values. As soon as a food item includes all necessary values a Rating will be shown.

Additionally, you can always create your own food/meal/recipe under Favorites.

In case you find any errors among the verified items, please feel free to report them directly from the app by clicking on the product in question and then on Report.

Please note: 
We are regularly checking/cleaning the verified items in the database.