The latest Lifesum watch app released is now also seamlessly working with the independent watch model by Apple - this means that you can now use the Lifesum watch app without having it installed on the phone at the same time.
The watch app requires a minimum of watchOS7 
With our app update to 12.0.0, users who have older Apple watches (those which do not support Watch OS 7, aka first-generation, series 1, and series 2 watches) will, unfortunately,  no longer be able to use our Lifesum watch app. This means that as soon as you upgrade to Lifesum 12.0.0 with one of these older watch models, you will no longer see any available watch app for Lifesum.
As with the previous watch app versions, you will find a complication. It offers:
  • Cals and Macros overview
  • Cal overview
  • Water tracking shortcut
New with the latest watch app:
- you can now create an account with the watch
- you can use only the watch app (without having the phone app installed)
- you can now freely track water with the watch app
- the app is now localized in all available app languages (the language is based on the watch settings)
- the unit system will now be mirrored from the phone settings (if using the phone app as well) or can bet set directly in the watch app
- the calories left will be based on the settings for burned calories as in the phone settings
- you will be able to sign in with either Appled ID or email
As soon as you sign into the watch app you will see an overview of the different sections available:
- overview over your tracked calories and macros (carbs, fat, protein)
if you are not using the phone app at the same time, this section will be greyed out until you also install the phone app and are logged in both with the same login data.
- overview burned calories, goal set on Apple watch and number of steps
Here you can see the daily water goal set and can actively track water by clicking on the glass and follow the progress.
Here you find three different options as well as information about the watch app version you are using
Water settings:
Here you can set a daily water goal as well as define the size of the glasses or bottles you are going to track in 100 ml steps.
Unit system:
Here you are able to choose your preferred unit system.
Sign out
Clicking here will have you sign out of the app
Facebook login
If you have created your Lifesum account originally with Facebook you will be logged into the watch app automatically.
When you open the app your user token is stored and sent to the watch app.

If you should have any issue logging in automatically on the watch app, please track something on the Lifesum phone app that should trigger data and you should be automatically logged into the watch app.