At Lifesum, we promote a safe, sustainable and steady weight loss pace. Eating a sufficient amount of energy is highly important for your health and overall well being. Weight loss journeys are highly individual, and the time needed to reach the desired goal varies. 

Weight loss is complicated, and individual. How quickly you lose weight is dependent on various factors like how much carbs or salt you eat, if you are stressed, how you sleep, your exercise habits, your hormonal cycle and more. All these factors can impact the water in your body, and can result in fluctuations on the scale from day to day. A weight loss journey might not always be linear, and can vary between individuals. Some might lose weight at a faster pace, and some at a slower.

Be patient and follow the app recommendation, and you will reach your goal. 


If you still don't notice a shift in your weight even though you have followed the recommendation from the app and have maintained the same weight loss for two or more weeks, you may have reached a weight plateau. When doing so, your body has gotten used to your new energy intake and you might need to do some further change to your lifestyle, such as including more movement e.g. an extra walk, or strength training exercise. Make sure you stay properly hydrated, and follow a varied balanced and nutritious diet in line with the app recommendation.