Weight loss is complicated. In our sign up flow, you enter the desired weight loss per week. Here many factors play a role, like eg, how much carbs or salt you eat, if you are stressed, how your sleep is, if you exercise regularly or not, if you are having your period, etc. All these factors are connected to water in your body and can result in higher numbers on the scale. And that can be very different from person to person. Our number is an estimation: some people lose 3 kilos one week, some do not lose anything at all, some lose 0.5 kilos every week.
Be patient and follow the app recommendation, and you will reach your goal.

If your weight loss still doesn't happen and you have followed the app recommendation for two or more weeks since the weight started to stagnate, you may have reached a so-called weight plateau. That means your body has gotten used to the new amount of food intake or exercise, and you may need to add something extra.
Such a change can e.g., be to drink enough water (follow the app recommendation) or to add some more exercise such as 30 minutes of power walk per day or some high intensity or weight training per week.