1) As a first step, please check if the connection between Health and Lifesum is still active (the button shows "Deactivate"). Activate it if that should not be the case (and the button should show "Activate" instead).

2) Should the connection be active one option could also be to disconnect and connect again.

3) Please try the following if e.g. your steps are no longer imported even that it has worked flawlessly before:

- open Health
- go to the Dashboard
- click on the section no longer imported, e.g. Steps
- go back to Lifesum

In most cases this will trigger the syncing again. If not, please contact us with details about:

- your phone
- OS installed
- Lifesum version
- your registered email address
- a screenshot showing the data in Health, the connection to Lifesum in Health and the connection to Health in Lifesum
- information since when the issue is happening (have you maybe updated your iOS?)