The following Meal Plans currently offer cheat meal/s:
  • Vegan for a week = 1 cheat meal

  • 3 weeks weight loss = 4 cheat meals

  • High Protein Weight Loss = 4 cheat meals

  • Paleo = 4 cheat meals
It can be hard to be on a program, therefore we allow you to ‘cheat’ during this period. It doesn’t matter how big your meal was or what you ate. Just use the corresponding button and we will see this as a little bump on your road towards a healthy lifestyle. Remember, even if you lose weight that doesn’t mean that you have to eat just carrots and broccoli every day.
A cheat meal does not necessarily have to be an unhealthy meal - it can just be a meal the meal plan chosen does not offer or bigger than the usual meals during a plan.