With Google Assistant, you can track food, water, or weight, get an update, or request a challenge by using your voice. Wherever the assistant is available you will now be able to use it with Lifesum (English only - for now).


Please follow these steps.


This is how it is working:
You have the option to track a small, medium or large meal to act as a reminder/placeholder on your phone to which you can add details later.

That means that there will be an amount of calories added to your Diary depending on your past tracking habits, and what a small, medium or large meal is for you (based on your personal settings in the app).

In order to track food, please say something like "I had a small lunch" or "Add a large dinner"


In order to track water, please say something like "Add a glass of water" or "Track 3 glasses of water"


In order to track your weight, please say something like "I weigh 75kg" or "Track a weight of 150 pounds".


This means that:

1) you will be able to get an update of how you are doing on your way to your goals
2) you can get either an overall look, or specifically for weight or calories

In order to get status updates say something like "Whats my status?", "How are my calories?" or "What was my last tracked weight?"


Get a challenge/action in order to get your mindset back on your health goals

In order to get a challenge, please say something like "Give me a challenge" or "Daily action"

Common questions:

1) Is there a way to specify the calorie amount of food tracked via Google Assistant using small, medium, large meal?

Yes! Please go to Lifesum on your phone. There you will have the option to specify the calorie amount by clicking into the tracked item.

2) Does my Lifesum account have to be registered with Google to be able to use this functionality?

No! In order to create the connection between Lifesum and Google, please proceed as follows:

As soon as you start the app for the assistant the first time you will be prompted to sign into Lifesum, which will then connect the account.

a) If you are registered with an email and not Google login at Lifesum just log in with email and password

b) if you are registered to Lifesum with Facebook, please log into the Google app with the email address registered at Facebook and your password for Lifesum. If you do not have a password, go to the reset password function in Lifesum and enter the Facebook email in order to get a password

In case you have any suggestions for additional features for Lifesum on the assistant, please feel free to vote for it here on Uservoice.