Please note:
You need to be a Premium member to track 'chest', 'arm', 'body fat' and your custom measurements (please note: the maximum number of own measurements in addition to the standard ones is 4)

Please note: It is not possible to delete the standard measurement categories weight, waist, chest, arm, body fat that are visible as standard from the start, you an only delete the ones you create yourself

Tap on Me on the bottom tab bar of your Diary. Tap on Body and then on the button Track body measurements. Choose the measurement you would like to update.

-> If you want to add a new measurement category first click on Add new measurement and then on Add new amount, insert the correct number and save it with the 'Save' button.

-> If you wish to delete an entry, please tap on the measurement in question and then on cross (X) next to the value (right side of the screen) and then confirm the deletion by clicking on Delete.

-> If you wish to delete a category, please go to Tap on Me and then on Body and then on the button Track body measurements. Then click on Current on the category. You will then see an icon showing a trash bin top right - click on it and then on Delete