Movesum is the second app that we released after Lifesum.

Movesum is available on App Store and GooglePlay and is free of any cost unless you want to unlock additional food items on top of the 24 the free version offers.

Currently the app is available in English, Japanese and Chinese and based on the telephone language. If you are using a language that does not exist for Movesum yet, English will be shown as standard. More languages are to come.

The main functions of Movesum app are as follows: 

Step tracker: you will see the number of steps taken during the day.
- Food information: you are able to see what you could eat for the amount of calories you have burnt.
Food details: click on the food icon and get nutrition info including carbs, protein and fat.
- Set a goal: set a number of steps as daily goal.
- Hit streaks: try to reach your goal 7 times a week.
In order to get started with Movesum on Android:

1) Install Movesum

2) Make sure that Google Fit is installed on the phone
3) Allow access to Google Fit (automatic popup when you open Movesum for the first time)
On Android the steps will be counted Google Fit and Movesum will read them from there and then calculate them to calories. So the first time you open Movesum you will get a short introduction and then it will ask you to connect to Google Fit and give Movesum access to your data there. As soon as you have connected you are good to get going.

4) Go!