What does Lifesum's in-app health tracker do?

Life Score™ gives you a weekly score on your health, based on 16 nutrition and exercise measures. The score comes with an overview of what you did good and what you need to work on, as well as great advice on how to improve your health.

You get a full overview of how you perform with your:

  • Nutrition intake – Did you eat enough greens, seafood and unsaturated fat?
  • Water intake – Did you remember to stay hydrated and log your water?
  • Exercise – Did you have a good variety between exercises? (low-intensity, strength and high-intensity) 

Do I need a health tracker to reach my goal?

Lifesum wants to help our users towards healthier habits, no matter what type of goal they have, which is why we include features like the Life Score™. We recommend all our users to take advantage of the advice we offer in our Life Score™, because eating nutritious food, staying hydrated and working out regularly, is key to reach, and maintain a sustainable healthier lifestyle.


From taking the Health Test

In order to get your score right away, you need to answer a set of questions that make up our Health Test. Each Monday, you will get a weekly update based on the last test result. To update the test, click on your current Life Score™, scroll down to the bottom and tap on the button ‘Retake the Health Test’

From tracking + habit tracking

If you use the app and track your food daily, you’ll get a score based on what you have entered (food, exercise, water). To get a score, we have a minimum value of servings that need to be tracked and also that you have to track food from several of the Life Score™ categories (protein, whole grains, refined grains, salt, sugar, processed food, red meat, fish, fruit & berries, vegetables, alcohol, saturated fat, unsaturated fat)
If you have previously done the Health Test and have activated the habit trackers (any of them - veggie, fruit, fish or water) you will then get a score for the habit plus the result from the last test as an update every week.

Weekly score and one score per week:

We have created a weekly score based on the information we can get from the user. This info can come from either old health test results, health test results + habit trackers, normal tracking (food, water, exercise) or normal tracking + habit tracker. We only save one score per week so as soon as the user redoes the Health Test that result will overwrite the previous result.

What does the bar with values from 50-150 mean?

This is the indicator of how healthy you are, you can score from 50 up to 150. You also get an explaining text: Perfect, healthy, balanced, imbalanced, off track.
At the top you see how you have progressed compared to last week. If you have improved the score we say something like ‘+ 6 life points..’. If you have done worse with your score we say something like ‘- 8 life points..’
Here more details:
Perfect: 130 - 150
Healthy: 110 - 130
Balanced: 90 - 110
Unbalanced: 70 - 90
Off track: below 70

What does ‘Highlights’ mean?

Here we publish randomly-picked categories that you need to focus on in the coming week to improve your score. If you see a button saying ‘start tracker’ that means you can activate the habit trackers in the Diary.

What does ‘current status’ mean?

Here we display with the rating smileys how you are performing in each category. Each category has a score specific to that category. You can also read about recommended sources and general recommendations.
Frequently asked questions:

I am allergic to fish, why do I get a bad fish score?

Currently, if you are allergic to fish the Life Score™ will take this into account and not give you a lower score only if you have also entered that you are allergic to shellfish. We are aware of that this is not a perfect solution, but it is how it works at the moment.
Another useful suggestion could be to use the fish tracker in order to track Omega 3 supplements instead of fish. If taking the supplements according to plan, you should fill the fish tracker three times per week to have that correctly reflected in your Life Score™.

I track a lot of strength training in a partner app that I later import to Lifesum, why do I get a low score on it in Life Score™?

As it is now, we have issues when importing some exercises from some partners. To get a correct strength training score we recommend to track it from the exercise tracker in the diary.

Why don’t I see the ‘retake the test’ button?

As soon as a user has tracked ‘enough’ through normal tracking we calculate the score on the basis of tracking which is more accurate. As soon as we can do that we don’t show the health test button since we believe it is unnecessary to take the test additionally and only one Life Score™ will be saved per week.
Please note:
We highly recommend to regularly track using the app - the more you track the more detailed and helpful the Life Score™ will be.
Our Life score™ is based on the current Guidelines for diet and physical activity set by WHO
It's important to note that some foods and meals can end up with higher or lower score due to different nutritional information. If you're ever unsure, double check that all nutrition values are correct and if you find any errors you can always either edit the item yourself or report it. We do our absolute best to verify the accuracy of the nutrition information. Although, we cannot guarantee its accuracy.