Lifesum's Water Tracker helps you manage your water intake by making sure you don't forget to give your body the fluid it needs and that you drink enough.

This is why Water is important:

Staying hydrated helps prevent overeating. This is because a lot of people wrongly perceive their thirst as hunger. Here's a tip for dealing with cravings: Drink a glass of water, then ask the question 'Am I still hungry?’ This only really applies to water, not other fluids. Drinking soft drinks, milk or juice adds a lot of unnecessary calories, so we recommend hydrating with ordinary water because - in contrast to other drinks - it does not have any dangerous or unhealthy side effects (as long as the amount of water is within recommended guidelines).

Water intake can suppress hunger. This is especially useful if you're trying to lose weight. If you don't want to disturb any other processes in the body (such as fat loss from fat stores) it's important that the liquid you drink doesn't contain too many calories - so go for water, sparkling or still.


Drinking water before and after a meal aids digestion. The water breaks down the food so you can absorb the nutrients, while also softening your stool and preventing constipation. This makes you feel fuller for longer and helps you stay healthy.

Detox/Blood Circulation

Drinking water helps your blood circulation and releases toxins, as up to 92% of our blood consists of water. It's important to have good blood circulation on specific diets too - on High Protein you want to get rid of the protein your body hasn’t absorbed so it won't have a negative impact on your kidneys; and on the Ketogenic Diet you want to have a good circulation as it aids fat burn. Blood flow is especially important when working out, as the muscles need the water to contract, expand, and get rid of lactic acid during a workout.

What can Lifesum's Water Tracker do for me?
The Water Tracker is there to remind you of how important ordinary water is for bodily functions, especially when you're trying to lose or gain weight. It reminds you to keep your body hydrated.

If you wish to track other fluids you can track them by adding them to meals in the Diary.