Currently water can either be tracked with the water tracker in the Diary of the app on the phone with Android wear or via the widget.
Please note: If you also want to track the calories of a drink you need to track those by tracking the drink through using items in the food database and Favorites. The water tracker just tracks the amount of fluid.


Under Profile -> Set your habits  -> Water tracker you can, using the slider, define:
a) Your goal with up to 5 liters / day
b) The unit of your water glass / bottle:
Possible units for glasses:
0,15 l
0,25 l
0,3 l
0,35 l
0,45 l
0,5 l
Possible units for bottles:
0,15 l
0,25 l
0,335 l
0,5 l
0,75 l
1 l
c) Define if you want to show the water tracker in the Diary or not, if you would like to see tips or not and if the tracker should be on top in the Diary (over the meal section) or underneath.

How to track:

In the app on the phone you track water by clicking on the glasses/bottles.
In case you tracked too much water just click on the glass/bottle again and it will be emptied again. 

In order to track e.g. 4 glasses at a time click on the fourth glass to the right - then all four glasses will be filled automatically.

Via the widget you can track water by clicking on the '+' in order to add a glass.

In order to see the water intake on previous days, please go to the Progress tab  and Statistics. There you can see a graph called Water Intake. ​