All your created items are in Favorites. To track an item from Favorites please follow the instructions:

If you would like to add an item you've created under Favorites to your Diary:
1) Go to the Diary, tap on "+" on the meal you want to add (ex. breakfast, lunch, etc.) or on the "+" in the bottom tab bar and then on the meal. You will then see the section Favorites under the search bar. Click on the "+" on the item you would like to track.
2) The other option is to search after the item in the search field and then track the item by clicking on the "+"
3) Go to Progress and then click on Favorites (marked with a heart) - there you can choose the item you would like to track.
If you want to edit your food/meals/recipes, tap on Progress and then on Favorites and choose the item in question. As soon as you click on Edit you will see the option to delete the item.